Smart Start with ClearCorrect


Master ClearCorrect

Smart Start with ClearCorrect introduces you and your team to ClearCorrect. 


The tools from this course enable you to achieve clinical confidence and create a workflow tailored to your unique dental practice that can be easily implemented in a busy practice

Online Study Club

Join our online study clubs to become a ClearCorrect Master.  


The groups have a limited number of participants, creating the best environment for learning and growing. 

Patientkommunikation 2.0

Become better at communicating in a way that makes patients want to invest in optimal care. 


The skills from this course can be applied to all types of treatment and are particularly suitable for complex treatments such as orthodontics, implantology and major reconstructions. 
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We are dentists helping dentists and their teams with all aspects related to clear aligners. 

  • Clinical support

  • Training & Education

  • Workflow design

  • Marketing

Our clinical support team consists of dentists with massive clear aligner expertise & experience. 

We have customers in 12 different countries. 


FOUNDER was founded by Helle Hatt DDS, who has been working with clear aligners clinically since 2008. 

She has been responsible for all clinical support for Invisalign in Scandinavia as well as developing and training the entire European clinical support for ClearCorrect. She developed and implemented the European training and education program for ClearCorrect. 


Currently she has helped more than 1500 general practitioners orthodontists improve their treatment plans. She is an external speaker at the university of Geneva and is responsible for the internal quality control at

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