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Smart Start intro - ClearCorrect

Clinical confidence with ClearCorrect - the easy way

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  • Online meeting


Get familiar with ClearCorrect. We show you an easy way to achieve clinical confidence combined with profitable workflows with ClearCorrect. The participants own cases form the basis for the interactive mentoring provided by our clear aligner expert Helle Hatt DDS. Requirements for participation: 1. Upload a full series of photos from a potential ClearCorrect case to your doctor portal. 2. Add helle@alignerservice.com as collaborator for the actual case. 3. Dr. Hatt will evaluate your case and organise the meeting so that you get the most out of it. 4. With a maximum of 10 participants, it is crucial that you share a case. the more cases - the more value for all participants If you are unsure how to add a collaborator to your doctor site, please send an email to helle@alignerservice.com and dr. Hatt will send you a pdf file with a step-by-step guide. Book your place for the highly sought after online clear aligner study clubs today. You will receive a link to your online workshop on Zoom. Follow the instructions in the link and log in with webcam and PC audio.

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