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Dental photography

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A full series of clinical photos are a prerequisite for any treatment with clear aligners. Photos make any comprehensive treatment planning a lot easier and "after" photos help us evaluate our own work in ways that improves the quality. In addition a full series of photos the best patient communication tool you will ever get. Last but not least: beautiful full face before and after photos are some of the best marketing tools you can have. In this online course you will get to know how to take a full series of clinical photos in 2 minutes without any assistance. You will get explanations and recommendations for different tools you will need to make great photos. Smartphone or DSLR? - After the course you will know the difference and how to use both systems. You will be introduced to a smartphone app, that makes it easy for everyone to take great dental photos. How to take the photos, tips, tricks, workflows and implementation guidelines - it is all included. Sign up for this free and easy to use program.

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